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Director of Influencer Marketing – Brand

San Francisco

Our client, a leading e-commerce company is looking for a Director, Influencer Marketing in their SF office.


  • Drive data-driven influencer program strategy: Leverage internal data, partner insights, current trends, and the competitive landscape to devise strategy, including influencer selection and partnership scope.
  • Create strategies to scale influencer relationships and impact, such as Influencer campaign calendar (aligned with company campaign calendar), ambassador program, partners and tools for recruitment, contracting, and management.
  • Manage influencer program operations: Facilitate campaign outreach and contract negotiations. Oversee day-to-day duties for influencer program fulfillment including managing influencer communications, ensuring seamless product experience, and more. Create mechanisms to monitor influencers and their branded content for legitimacy, fraud detection, demographic alignment, and FTC compliance.
  • Scale impact of influencer content: Define, with brand, cross-functional process to facilitate leveraging content across multiple marketing channels.
  • Collaborate with analytics to continuously assess and optimize influencer marketing efforts to ensure performance of the channel


  • Well-versed and well-connected in the influencer landscape. You know the people, the tools, and the arrangements that make influencer marketing successful.
  • On top of the latest trends within social media and influencer marketing. You are familiar with the key platforms and how consumers and influencers put them to use.
  • Results oriented. You are most comfortable in work environments which are outcome-oriented and merit-based, and are highly motivated by goal accomplishment.
  • Receptive to change. You are flexible, adaptable, innovative, and open in response to competitive pressure and market change.
  • A strong cross-functional and team leader, fun to work with and for, effective in influencing and coaching others and collaborating with them to create phenomenal results.
  • 10+ years of marketing experience, with deep experience in influencer marketing and/or social media strategy
  • Existing relationships, plus experience with influencer outreach, campaign management, and partnerships negotiations
  • A strong work ethic, intellectual curiosity and a commitment to continuous learning and improvement.
  • Top notch communication skills – for everything from articulating strategy to negotiating agreements



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